Are you considering a career in Web Development? Now is an excellent time to begin a new career.  There are many benefits associated with a career in Web Development which are outlined below.


1.Secure Job

The Industry has grown rapidly in recent years and will continue to do so. Web Development Careers are in high demand as technology increases. Currently, there is 1.58 billion websites with approx. 5 billion daily users. It is essential for Companies to constantly improve their webpage and provide the best user experience possible to remain competitive and retain customers. 85% of customers search your website before choosing your Company.  Having a Web Developer to keep up with constant trends and making improvements is at the core of every Company with an online presence. Infact, 74% of customers return to a website if it’s optimized and Web Developers are needed to fulfil this role. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics it is estimated that there will be 17,900 jobs in Web Development opening from now until 2030.


2. A range of Career Opportunities

Web Development is also a great career option as it  provides a variety of options from Front End Web Developer, Back End Web Developer and Full Stack Web Development.  It is an attractive option as you’re not segmented to one job in particular with potential career growth. Furthermore, Web Developers have flexible career options with the availability of working in a variety of different industries such as retail, finance and hospitality As long as you have the knowledge and skills for Web Development you can chose from a large supply of jobs. According to a report conducted on Web Developers a large percentage of 65% stated that they were either very or slightly satisfied with their job with only 8% dissatisfied.



3.Remote work options

Due to the recent pandemic, a variety of Businesses now offer flexible working options with the availability of working from home or in a hybrid setting. As a Web Developer it is easy to accomplish your Web Development duties from the comfort of our own home as long as you have access to a laptop and a strong internet connection. Essentially, it provides the option of working from anywhere.


4.Flexible options

Furthermore, as well as having the option of working from home you may also have the option of working as a freelance Web Developer. This essentially means you can work for various different employers and choosing a work schedule that suits you. This may appeal to someone with a busy lifestyle or looking for a part-time job to gain experience.


5. Learning a range of new skills

Becoming a Web Developer allows you to obtain countless new skills. As designing is one of the main jobs of a Web Developer creativity is an essential skill needed in order to think of new ideas. Similarly, problem,-solving is one of the most important skills a developer should have. It challenges your mind and improves your way of thinking towards complex problems and exceeds abilities.


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