Did you know we have schools across 5 European cities, This gives us a great opportunity to combine resources and create International Courses!

We feel it is sometimes important for people or companies not only to learn how to code but also to learn about the context of training programmes in other countries and to gain knowledge from foreign IT specialists. Such training can be relevant for people pursuing a career in IT outside Ireland. It is also relevant for multinational companies that want to upgrade and expand the competencies of their employees.

For International courses, we select the most suitable lecturer or team of lecturers from our 5 schools abroad. The certificate of completion indicates that the person has completed the international training programme. We currently offer three international training programmes: Python Fundamentals,  Cybersecurity Fundamentals, and IT Training for Managers. These are outlined below.

International courses

Python Fundamentals 

The Python Programming Fundamentals training is designed for those who want to get a solid foundation in programming and start their career as a Python programmer and is also an excellent introduction to programming for anyone who would like to get to know the field of programming. The language is ideal for web and app development, back-end programming, data analysis, artificial intelligence, scientific computing, and game development. After completing this training, you will be able to start your career as an entry-level Python programmer or in other positions that require general IT competencies and an understanding of programming principles.


 Cyber Security Fundamentals 

With the demand for CYBER SECURITY professionals growing rapidly in the labor market, the aim of this training is to prepare cyber security professionals to help companies and institutions protect themselves against hacking. This course is aimed at anyone who would like to work in this field. During the course, you will learn about the different types of hacking and how to prevent them. The training is delivered by experienced lecturers who are professionals in their fields.


IT training for Managers

IT Training for Managers is an innovative learning programme tailored and developed for managers of companies, combining 4 main tech areas: digital marketing, data analytics tools, Full-Stack Programming, and Agile IT project management. The training provides all the essential knowledge of new technologies that modern managers need. The aim of the training is to help managers of companies or teams to integrate innovative ideas into their daily processes, whether they are developing a new service or launching a new product!

international courses

If you think that international training is relevant for you or your company, please contact us to arrange the most suitable course date.

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Python Fundamentals

Introduction to Cyber Security

IT training for managers