Thinking of progressing in a career in data analytics?

Data provides a wealth of information that may help people make better decisions. Whether it is in research, marketing, human resources, pricing, the list goes on… understanding data and applying it to improve results is a vital part of every applicable working role.

Let’s break it down

Are you a problem solver? Would you consider yourself a continuous learner always wanting to advance your professional skills? Do you have a strong knowledge of data concepts and analytical skills? A career in Data Analytics is for you.

What does the Day-to-Day life of a Data Analyst look like?

As a data analyst, each day begins with an exciting study into the world of data! You’ll delve into databases, spreadsheets, and mounds of data, detecting trends, patterns, and quirks like a leprechaun in search of their gold at the end of the rainbow. You may turn your results into attractive charts, graphs, and interactive dashboards to make them easier for others to grasp. This is the fun part as you can creatively introduce your findings! Every day presents new problems and mysteries to overcome in the realm of data. Whether anticipating consumer behavior or exposing insights, you’ll utilize your analytical skills to break the barriers and produce significant results.

Later, you will collaborate with other analytic professionals or firm decision-makers to put your discoveries into action. You may experiment with machine learning algorithms to extract information from your data that you were previously unaware of. This all coincides with your love for continuous learning and immersing yourself in the most recent trends and techniques, constantly remaining one step ahead in the ever-changing world of data. Using your knowledge and imagination, you’ll create captivating data tales that engage and inspire. Whether it’s an eye-catching slide show or a dynamic summary, you’ll create a tale that brings your data into sharp focus and captivates people.

What is the future of Data Analytics?

Following trends and patterns, data analytics is expected to continuously be in huge demand. As there is increased emphasis on data-driven decision-making in businesses and organisations, along with the continuous improvement of big data and integrations of artificial intelligence technology.


From completing a course in Data Analytics with Dublin Coding School you will

  • Receive professional-level training from Dublin Coding School
  • Have a good foundation in Data Analytics
  • Potentially seek employment in one of our partner companies
  • Qualify for in-demand job titles such as Data Analyst, Junior Data Analyst, Associate Data Analyst.

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