Freelance is growing as a valuable alternative to traditional work. As businesses are restructuring their workforces after the pandemic, projections forecast a high demand for freelancers in the tech sector for years to come. From students who just received their diploma to seniors looking for new horizons, the freelance industry opens its doors to various and diverse groups of individuals, but why is it a good idea for you to become a freelancer in this dynamic industry?


Freelance in Tech


  • A job that accommodates your life and not the other way around

Freelance in tech means complete flexibility. As a freelancer, you can choose when you want to work, from where, on which project and with whom! As assignments start all year round, some freelancers choose to work only half of the year while others decide to take monthly contracts, some focus on a specific field, and others get as varied experiences as they can. Not many industries can offer the same freedom. Indeed in the tech sector, companies are looking for individuals able to solve their issues, and are more focused on the end result than on the process.


  • A greater recognition for your hard work

When you work freelance, there is no intermediary between you and the company, which means no one to steal the credits of your work. A study has shown that freelancers in general feel more appreciated for their work than they did as employees. Additionally, companies are often rewarding freelancers with greater salaries, leading to independents having greater earnings than their employed peers.


  • A highway of opportunities

Freelancers are not like employees, they do not wait on the next exciting assignment to be given to them, they make it happen. In tech especially, they do not need to look very far, as the demand is so strong that freelancers are overwhelmed with project opportunities and never have to worry about downtime in their schedule. By working on so many different projects, thriving in innovative environments, and being in contact with the newest, most-advanced and complex technologies, freelancers are keeping themselves at the top of their industry, perpetually growing their CV, skills and career.


Freelance in Tech


So, if you would like to jump right into this fast-growing and in-demand industry, Dublin Coding School offers countless tech courses! Book an appointment with our career centre to know which path is the best for you!