A career change can appear to be the most daunting decision in a person’s life. Whether it’s switching industries, changing roles, upskilling, or completely re-aligning your career path, anxiety is bound to be present. How can you overcome this anxiety? And what can we at Dublin CODING School do to help!

First and foremost, accept the fact that anxiety is bound to be present when changing careers. But it’s exciting! New role, new network, new skills, new opportunities. The list goes on. But how can you ease this anxiety?CareerChange1

Talking to others helps immensely. Talk to those currently working in the industry you wish to enter. Connect with people on LinkedIn. Discuss the change with friends and family. Have an informed discussion with someone who specialises in career changes. These conversations can help form your path and what direction you wish to go in.

It is important to find out more information about the career or industry you are entering. The digital world has everything at your fingertips. Discover the latest trends in the industry. Read about current topics relating to the career you are entering. Watch videos or listen to podcasts about what it is like to work in a particular job role. All of these resources can help you uncover what skill gaps you may have, and what you can do to fill them.CareerChange2

Once your defined career path has been established, and once you have established what you need to do to change your career, it is important to have the initiative and diligence to follow through. Always be open to adapting. Don’t close yourself off to potential opportunities. Keep seeking to learn more.

Finally, it is worth noting that it is perfectly normal to feel anxiety around career change. According to research, the human brain induces feelings of anxiety when exposed to change, even if the change is positive. We get caught up in traditional old habits. The fear of the unknown takes over. But think back to any other major positive life-changing experience. Once the change has been adapted to, that fear of the unknown disintegrates. The feeling of relief and gratitude takes over. So, while a career change may appear daunting, the rewards that can be reaped are unmatched.

What kind of rewards can come with a career



  • More often than not, when a person changes career, their job satisfaction increases. After all, that is probably what encouraged you to change your career in the first place. People often feel more suited to their new career, possibly because it aligns more closely with their interests or values.
  • There is more potential to grow in a new career, mainly because you are starting fresh and have room for expansion. You can adapt skills from your previous jobs to your new job, while always seeking to expand your skillset.
  • You have the perfect opportunity to grow your network. Having an expansive network of professionals is an amazing way to develop and learn from others. This also opens future opportunities down the line.
  • There is a possibility of earning more money. While money cannot buy happiness, gaining a higher income alongside a more interesting job is a bonus.

CareerChange4At Dublin CODING School, we specialise in helping our students kick-start their career change journey. We help all those who wish to change their careers, whether you have worked in the tech industry before or are brand new to it! We are always open to having consultation calls to help you figure out what you need to do to kick-start your journey. Book a free consultation call NOW!