Dublin CODING School’s Career Centre helps you prepare for a new career in technology. Our Career Counsellors help you tailor your CV for technical roles, prepare for technical interviews and share your CV with partner companies who have open roles.

We recently asked Riya, a recent Data Analytics graduate, about her experience with the Dublin CODING School’s Career Centre:


Why did you choose the Dublin CODING School Career Centre?

I needed help changing my career and becoming a Data Analyst. I was also having trouble with my CV presentation.


What was your experience at the Career Centre?

The Career Counsellor was very friendly and professional, they helped me fine-tune my CV and tell my story in relation to the job I aspire to, as a Data Analyst. They also helped me with my Linkedin profile and online presence.

career centre success story riya 2

Did you get the results you wanted?

Within two weeks of being enrolled in the Career Centre, Dublin CODING School secured an interview for me with one of their partner companies. The role was for a Data Analyst internship, leading to a full-time role. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly this happened.


How did the Career Centre prepare you for the interview?

The day before my interview, I had a video call with the Dublin CODING School Career Centre which coached me on interview techniques, anticipated questions from the hiring company and prepared answers for me. They also gave me a selection of questions to ask, prepared my career story and role-played a technical interview. This experience was invaluable and gave me confidence going into the interview.


Would you recommend the Dublin CODING School Career Centre?

I was placed into my dream role through the Dublin CODING School’s Career Centre. I cannot recommend their approach enough, it really works!


For more information about the Career Centre and to book a free introductory consultation please contact us at info@dublincoding.ie