At Dublin CODING School we also provide bespoke training for business customers! Our bespoke training courses are tailored to your specific business needs and timetable.

We interviewed the Manager of one of our recent clients, asking her about her company’s experience with the Dublin Coding School’s training.

Bespoke Training for Business

Your company has opted for a bespoke training course – tell us about the training you chose and how it went?

We chose the automated testing course. The plan was to train in the office after work, but since the situation has changed dramatically due to COVID, after consulting with the QA team whether it was worth waiting for the end of the quarantine or whether to train remotely, after all, the team decided that it was not worth the wait, and we should just adapt to the new circumstances and get down to work!

The training took place twice a week for 2 hours. Since modern technology is quite suitable for remote learning, there are no problems, of course, there is a lack of live contact, but on the other hand, there is no time for extraneous distractions and you can concentrate on your studies as much as possible.


Why did you choose Dublin CODING School?

We chose to do Dublin CODING School as we wanted to further the development of our team to be able to work more efficiently, better and faster. Therefore, the need to learn automated testing and to apply that knowledge to projects was a great encouragement and motivation for the team and for us as a company to give our employees the conditions to grow and develop as professionals, ensuring a successful horizontal career path.


Bespoke Training for Business


How do you feel your company benefits from investing in the training of employees?

One of the company’s key objectives is to ensure the growth and development of our employees. As technology is changing and evolving rapidly, our employees need to be constantly interested, learning, and growing together. Investing in learning brings dual benefits for both the employees and the company. An employee who is continually learning and can work faster and more efficiently, solve problems more creatively, make fewer mistakes, adapt more easily, and grasp new technologies more quickly, all of which are essential for the efficiency of the company. By developing new competencies, the employee gradually evolves from a task-performer to a developer, thus adding even more value to the team. I would say that our corporate philosophy is that learning is lifelong because it is only curiosity and inquisitiveness that drive us forward and allows us to create value, which inspires and motivates other colleagues, especially those starting in IT.


What were your employees’ impressions after the training?

The training is not over yet, but so far it’s great because we have a very good and competent Lecturer who is doing a great job!

Bespoke Training for Business 2

We hope that this post is interesting. It is important to remember the importance of updating your staff’s knowledge and providing them the opportunity to upskill.

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