Touch play’s a vital role in people’s daily lives since the dawn of humanity. Even today, a hug, a handshake, a kiss are not only expressions and symbols of closeness and affection but also of ethics and respect. However, in the last few years, everything has turned upside down. Living under the threat of a virus, we have become accustomed not only to not touching but also avoiding touching things in public places altogether.

What impact will these new habits have on our daily lives from a technological perspective? We will try to answer this question in this post.

A world without touch: How will technology change?


In today’s world, touch screens are present in many parts of everyday life and are touched by hundreds of people every day. Although it is still relatively new, most of us can no longer imagine visiting different institutions, making payments, etc. without it. However, it is these screens that become unsafe when touched by so many people in a day. It is therefore very likely that many of these features will soon be moved to mobile apps. It will then be possible to perform the same actions without touching the screen, but by selecting them on the screen of your phone. This is already the case in some areas, such as bus tickets or parking.

A world without touch: How will technology change 1


Door handles are also one of the most touched things in everyday life. Of course, motion-responsive and automatically opening exterior doors are no longer a novelty, but there are many more interior doors, and it would be difficult to replace all of them with self-opening ones. Inventions such as improvements to handles that allow them to be opened with the wrist or elbow are trying to solve this problem. Perhaps soon most of us will be able to simply print such improvements with 3D printers.

A world without touch: How will technology change 2

Online shopping

Of course, many people shopped online before the pandemic, but it was the pandemic that “forced” this way of shopping on people who might not have planned to do so. Many people used to want to “feel” things before buying them, but it seems that such a simple thing has become unsafe. Online shopping has really taken off. This means that online trading platforms must inevitably evolve. It is very likely that various new technologies will emerge that will both facilitate the development of such platforms and make the shopping experience more and more convenient. Who knows, maybe in the near future we will be able to virtually “feel” the items we buy

In conclusion, the world will not be the same!