8 SKILLS OF A SUCCESSFUL PROGRAMMER 1Web Development continues to be perceived worldwide as one of the most attractive and rewarding careers around. But what is the typical day of a web developer really like? What kind of activities does it entail, and what is really involved on a daily basis? This post aims to answer just that! We at Dublin CODING School asked our team of web development lecturers what a typical day in their job role is really like, and is it really as appealing as it seems?



Jamie Byrne, Web Development Lecturer and Full Stack Web Developer at Medserv

We maintain and build upon a large codebase. This means developing new features but also troubleshooting, modifying, and improving the existing system. Every day varies hugely which is great. I will typically check my emails and our ticket system to get an idea of what is going on and prioritise my day from there.


Deepali Futane, Web Development Lecturer and Full Stack Web Developer at Rent the Runway

During a typical day, I will be working on developing new features in the existing web application to provide the perfect user experience. I will also be communicating with various stakeholders, including the product manager and other team members.


Tanya Brannigan, Web Development Lecturer and Full Stack Developer at Vectra AI

The Web developers in my company make the website that our clients, ziniu lygio vertinimo testaswho are cybersecurity professionals, check to see if and when they’ve been hacked. So, a well-designed site is a huge part of their job. As such, Web developers work a lot with User Experience and Design. They’ll sit down and figure out the best way for a user to accomplish a task, and when they’ve come up with a great design, it’s up to the developers to figure out how to put it together.


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