Four Types of Data Analysis 2You may have read some of our other articles describing the common activities often associated with Data Analytics (see here, for more information), that is the process of retrieving, cleaning, transforming, visualising and modelling data, with the end goal of discovering information and supporting subsequent business decisions. But what does the typical day of a data analyst really look like? This blog post aims to answer just that, utilising Dublin CODING School’s team of Data Analytics lecturers, to find out what a day in their job role is really like!




Vinil Thombrey, Data Analytics Lecturer and Senior Data Analyst at Bank of Ireland

The role of a data analyst totally depends on the team you are working in. A typical day includes understanding the problem at hand, extracting the required data elements from the databases, deciding on the right programming language to use for analysing and interpreting the output.


Johns George, Data Analytics Lecturer and Senior Data Analyst at Bank of Ireland

As part of my job, I need to effectively communicate with different stakeholders and make sure that I am providing the best information in a format people can understand. During my working day, I extract data, create insightful visualisations, and help the business make accurate data-driven decision


Daniel Reddy, Data Analytics Lecturer and EMEA Data Lead at TikTok

TikTok is a data-driven company, thus a Data Analyst’s day varies from day to day and project-wise. On average a day would start with creating a roadmap for a data launch, where you would gather requirements from stakeholders. Then put together the metric logics (definitions) and build a data mart, alongside building a front-end automated visualised dashboard.


Ray McDonncha, Data Analytics Lecturer and Senior Insights Analyst at CitySwift

It really depends on your department and team, but typically it involves pulling data from databases using SQL or some otherAUTOMATION TESTING WHAT DO YOU NEED TO KNOW 3 database tool, looking for interesting insights into a business problem, and putting your conclusions together to share with your stakeholder while making sure you are documenting your work carefully so it can be reproduced.


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