The role of a UX Designer is now essential in any tech business. The UX designer’s role, in general, is critical and can be described as strategic, empathetic, technical, and collaborative. One of the main challenges of being a UX designer is the need for continual improvement. This blog will uncover some tips on becoming a better UX Designer.

7 tips to help you become a better UX Designer 2

  1. Develop multiple skills

As a UX designer, the sky is the limit when it comes to your skillset. Progress your skills as a UX Designer and aim to become a full-stack designer. This means the UX designer would be able to complete a development project or a design on their own by being able to develop multiple skills. They are involved through the entire life-cycle process, and they will be using tools like HTML/CSS, etc.


  1. Focus on inclusivity and empathy

One of the most important parts of UX design is that it is user-friendly to all. Inclusive design that shows empathy to the user with any problems that they may have is extremely important and accessibility should be utilised in product and app design. To improve your Skillset as a UX designer, make sure you’re knowledgeable on all elements of accessible, ethical, and inclusive design, and demonstrate this understanding in your work.


  1. Set personal design goals

Design is something that is learned. Practicing and learning by yourself is key to becoming a much better UX designer. Continuous learning is important to upskill as there is always something to learn within UX design. Setting personal goals will give you something to work towards and to push yourself. Gives you a better chance to upskill and to become a better UX designer.


  1. Build storytelling skills

Communication is the most important part of the design process. When you are working on a product, you need to communicate your design decisions in some form. One of the best ways to communicate your thoughts is by using a story. The best designs come from projects where the team understands the story. That’s why storytelling is an essential skill for UX designers. By telling stories you’ll get a better chance to engage your audience.

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  1. Welcome constructive criticism and feedback

Many of us stress when it comes to receiving criticism, especially when we have invested a lot of time and hard work in something. But looking critically at your work and receiving feedback from your team is important because you’re designing for the experience of others and not just yourself. There are often more things to learn when we make mistakes than when we get everything right. Having this outlook will improve your skills and make you a better designer.


  1. Application development

While UX designers are not generally expected to write code it can help to have a basic understanding of application development, including languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Understanding how applications are developed can help you as a UX designer as you’ll have more realistic expectations of what’s possible in your design. You will also be able to better communicate and collaborate with the development team. This may also give you more opportunities as you might be more marketable in small startup companies that hire for a wider range of skills.


  1. Learn to sketch

Using pen and paper to get an idea and test designs will save you a lot of time. Drawing your ideas will allow you to structure them much better and communicate them more easily. It will be much easier to continue the work when you switch to the computer. Sketching also favours creativity and idea generation For example, during brainstorming sessions, it’s much easier to express your ideas through sketching than by using plain words.

7 tips to help you become a better UX Designer 1

Hopefully, these tips will help you on your journey to improve your UX design skillset. If you’d like to learn more about the world of UX design take a look at our brochure HERE!