Does your company need a new website? If so, you might be looking for the most optimal solution, but since everyone is giving their own opinion, it is difficult to differentiate the truth from the myths. This post will uncover the lies to help you find the right answer for you.


  • Free website builders are less expensive and as good as hiring a Web Developer

Yes, free website builders are very practical, however, when you dig a bit deeper, you realise that the free features are very limited, and if you want to create a “real” website, these builders are not really “free” anymore. It is not uncommon to pay more for a “free” website builder than for a professional Web Developer.


  • As soon as the website is created, the work will be completed

This myth has been around for years, thinking that one can create a website and will not need to edit it in any way. However, if you want your website to stay usable and up-to-date, it will need constant attention, improvements, modifications and updates. And this is without thinking about typical website issues such as cybersecurity or troubleshooting.


  • Commercial websites are expensive

Not necessarily. The cost of programming will depend on the complexity of your website. Maybe your business does not need complex solutions at all. In addition, you can always find cheaper solutions if finances are very important to you, even at the beginning of the business.


  • Having lots of content makes websites more attractive

Of course, having content on your website is very important. However, a distinction must be made between quality and quantity. Indeed, filling each page with useless and irrelevant content will only push your users away, while a website with little information but constructed in a clear and easy-to-understand structure will make them stay.


  • It is not necessary to have content before creating the website

Indeed a programmer can create a website without having any content, they will still need an overview of the necessary pages, but it will be feasible. When a developer creates a website without having the texts pre-written, they use “lorem ipsum” as a placeholder. Therefore, once the website is finished and the copywriter will have to add content, they will be restricted in the number of characters, paragraphs or even pictures. This is why it is important to think about the content first, and then create the website and its design around it.


  • It is unnecessary to adapt the site for mobile phones

This belief is still very common even though 60% of web searches are now made on a phone. Many websites nowadays are still not adapted to this different format, which is a shame, since 91.7% of phone users will leave a website if it is not adjusted to their device. However, it is not the only issue, the Google Search algorithm will also drop your ranking if you do not provide a mobile adaptation of your website.



We hope that the information provided above will prove useful to you and that you will create the most convenient, informative and frequently visited website! If you want to learn how to create yours yourself or become a Web Developer and create magnificent websites for companies, Dublin CODING School offers a Full-Stack Web Development course which will help you get there in a few weeks! For more information, click here.