What is a Full-Stack Web Developer?


If you’ve ever looked at job offers for developers, you’ve probably noticed that companies are often looking for “Full-Stack” developers. Full-Stack developers can do both front-end and back-end development. Not only that they understand how both sides work, How they communicate and integrate. Knowledge of Full-Stack is a big plus when applying for jobs.

In this post, we’ll share the reasons why companies are looking for Full-Stack developers. Maybe this post will help you decide which direction to take in your programming career. 


5 Reasons to learn Full-Stack Programming:

  1. Companies often look for new people based on how much value they will bring to their company. “Full-Stack programmers” fall into this category because they know more than just Back-End and Front-End programming, they can develop any IT project from start to finish.


  1. Becoming a Full-Stack Developer will give you an edge over other developers, especially if you are looking for a job in a start-up. Start-up teams are often small due to cost constraints, so a versatile programmer is exactly what a start-up needs.


  1. Large companies also prefer programmers with versatile skills, as these companies often have different projects and change more frequently, so it is very convenient to have someone who can work on different projects.


  1. Even if your Full-Stack programming knowledge is only at an entry-level, many companies will still be interested in you, because in these times of “programmer shortage”, companies are willing to invest in the further education of entry-level developers, to teach them the specifics of their company. This is why a versatile background will be highly valuable.


  1. If you think that in the future you would like to work not only as a programmer, but also as a team leader, you should also study Full-Stack programming. If you get a job in a start-up, this company will grow and will need a person to manage the team, so with universal knowledge, you’re likely to be the most realistic candidate. Similarly, larger companies are looking for people to fill new roles from within.


So if you’re equally interested in both Front-End and Back-End programming, don’t be selective – learn it all together and it will be a big advantage for your future career.


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