As businesses continue to deal with the impacts of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, virtual job interviews remain extremely prevalent. Over 86% of companies currently continue to review candidates by this method, with no decline or decrease in sight. With all of this in mind, this post will focus on the main recommendations for completing a virtual interview and what you need to know to be in with the best chance of being hired.


Prepare your Notes

Unlike in-person interviews, virtual interviews allow you to have all of your notes and preparation work accessible beside you. Such notes may be placed upright and below your webcam, therefore enabling quick and somewhat less noticeable glances throughout the interview, rather than on a table or your keyboard.



Test Your Tech

It may be tempting to ignore your setup before your interview, and click your meeting link when it is due to start. Connection problems, necessary updates, downloads, and other issues may arise in this scenario, potentially leading to an unfavourable start to your interview.

Instead, it is best to test all aspects of your setup the night before your interview is set to occur. Firstly test your connection speed by joining a call with a friend or family member, or by conducting a speed test online to estimate your download and upload speeds. Ensure all software and programmes are up to date to avoid unnecessary delays, while also testing the meeting link, guaranteeing it is correct.


Consider your Background

Your background throughout the interview should be professional and distraction-free for the people interviewing you. Keep it sparse, ensuring what is present is organised to come across well. If these options are unavailable to you, a plain coloured or blurred background (found in Zoom or similar video conferencing platforms may be extremely useful.




Remember the Basics

When considering the previously mentioned steps towards a successful virtual interview, it may be easy for you to forget the basics of job interviews in general. Thus, it is crucial to remember the following:

  • Preparation is Key: Make sure to practice common interview questions, tell your own story and research the company you are interviewing for.
  • Presentation matters: Professional attire is still essential for virtual interviews, and your clothing should be unchanged from an in-person interview.
  • Stay positive: Interviews can often be a daunting experience. Therefore it is important to stay positive, confident, and ensure the interview ends on a positive note!


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