UX (user experience) designers are in charge of the user navigation, they understand how users behave on the website and improve it to make their experience flow logically. UI (user interface) designers are in charge of the look and layout of the website and strive to make it attractive to users. According to Adobe, hiring UX and UI designers are a top priority for 87% of hiring managers, but why are UX/UI designers so important for businesses (and why should you be part of it)?

1. Companies need UI designers to make their websites visually appealing.

0.05 seconds is the time users take on average to form an opinion on the websites they are visiting, shows a study conducted by Tandfonline. That is not enough time to read what actually is on the website, but it is just enough time for your brain to judge colours, forms and overall presentation, and come to a conclusion. But it would not be as crucial for companies to hire new UI designers if it was only that. A study conducted by TopTal has proven that 75% of internet users will find a site more credible if it is designed well, and therefore websites with great UI can see an increase in their conversion rates by up to 200%.


2. Companies need UX designers to make their websites pleasant to navigate.

If UI determines if the customer will stay after loading the page, UX will decide if they will spend more time on the website and live the experience, so much so that a study from Kinsta said that “70% of customers will abandon their shopping carts and won’t return to the website in question solely based on bad UX”. Understanding the customer’s behaviour on the website and shaping it to be more accessible and easy to navigate is critical for companies as they will lose money if they don’t. By hiring UX designers to remodel their websites, companies can see a real impact on their sales, with an increase in their websites’ conversion rates up to 400%.


3. Companies need to adapt to mobile devices.

In 2020, 68.1% of all web visits came from mobile devices, more than double desktop visits (28.9%). The same study from Perficient also highlights that mobile users are significantly quicker to leave a website if they are not happy with the experience. These numbers show that it is essential for organisations to get their website accessible and specifically designed for mobile devices because the majority of the market share is there. Some companies have already decided to get ahead of the issue and offer their customers apps to ensure better accessibility. However, this has not been a resounding success, as a study from Statista shows that due to bad UX, 25% of mobile apps end up being used only once.


4. Companies need to hire UX/UI designers now.

In today’s world, companies’ brand image is no longer conveyed just on billboards or on TV, with 66.2% of the world’s population using the internet daily and spending on average 7 hours a day surfing, companies need to have well-designed and naturally-flowing websites if they want to make business. The market is growing, one-fifth of the total retail sales are made online, and anything can be purchased online, from buying furniture to booking holidays to ordering food delivery. It is now more than ever vital to hire UX and UI designers, that is why the number of job offers in the industry has been in perpetual growth in the past few years and has increased by 18% in the last 6 months.

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