4 Reasons why Data Analytics is the right career move!

Data Analysts have been renowned as one of the most in-demand tech talents in 2020 which will only continue to increase! If you are unsure of whether or not to make the career switch to a Data Analyst, the following blog highlights the key advantages of becoming a Data Analyst.


1. Increasing Job Market

As previously stated, there is an increasing demand for talented Data Analysts. A LinkedIn Workforce Report estimated that data analysts will continue to be among the most wanted professions through 2022 and beyond.  Data-driven decision-making has become one of the core elements of a successful business plan, with more and more companies utilising data the need for employees to understand and articulate the data will continue to grow.  In fact, the World Economic Forum ranked data analysts as number 2 in growing jobs, while the data analytics market is predicted to hit $132.90 Billion USD by 2026.



2. Industry Options

For a variety of Industries acquiring a data analyst has become a priority. This opens many doors for those in the data analytics field. It provides the opportunity to have the options of working in a handful of industries such as technology, retail and healthcare. The list is endless! If you’re looking for a career path which offers an exceptional amount of industry options, you should defiantly consider becoming a data analyst.


3. Variety

Furthermore, as a data analyst, you are not segmented to the same work every day. This can become quite repetitive and make every day feel the exact same. As a data analyst, you have a variety of responsibilities which can vary from day to day. One typical task would include visualizing data in charts and images,  which could easily change the following day to identifying different patterns and trends on the Company website over time.


4. Expand your skill set

A career in data analytics can be quite challenging but with that, but it allows you to utilise and expand your skills. An essential skill needed as a data analyst is communication. Data analysts must have the ability to communicate complex findings with other team members, business partners and stakeholders. Similarly, it is essential to have the ability to present and summarise your findings ensuring it is understood. Having the ability to create clear yet effective visuals and presentations can be a tricky skill to master but it also comes with practice! Problem-solving skills are another key element of a successful data analyst. On a typical workday, it is likely you will come across different problems which need swift problem-solving and decision-making skills.

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