Are you considering a career change in 2022?  There is high demand for UX/UI Designers.

1.Industry Growth

Are you considering a career change in 2022?  There is high demand for UX/UI Designers. Due to major technological changes, the industry is developing at a fast rate and new products are constantly entering the market. UX/UI Designers have such an involvement in the product life cycle hence the ongoing demand for UX designers which will continue to increase. It is predicted that the profession will increase from 1 million to 100 million by 2050 according to the Nielsen Norman Group.

According to a survey by Adobe, 87% of hiring managers stated that hiring UX/UI Designers is top priority.  The job site indeed ranked UX Design as the 5th most in demand tech role which will only increase.  Similarly, a report has displayed that Companies with the highest investment in UX/UI, sales increased up to 75%, where as Companies with a lower investment, sales increased by only 60%. With such a competitive market and user experience as the goal of every company, this will become priority for the majority of companies.


2. Variety of Companies 

Start-up Companies are constantly on the hunt for UX/UI Designers to join their team. This is a fantastic opportunity for recent graduates and entry level employees. Start-up Companies are extremely open-minded and provide a great learning experience.  These Industries are entering a technological dominant field and hiring a strong UX/UI Designer is the key for the success of the Company. All types of Businesses and Industries are searching for UX/UI Designers to improve their Companies.  There are roles for UX/UI Designers in education, finance and a variety of other fields.


3.Work Remotely

Since Covid-19 there has been a shift in the work lifestyle with many Companies adopting the remote work option. With the advances of technology and the advances of applications like zoo and Microsoft teams remote work has become a lot more common.  As an UX/UI Designer the option to work from home or in a hybrid setting is more likely in 2022. It is not essential for a UX/UI Designer to be  physically present in an office setting, essentially it is just required you have a computer, internet connection and the ability to communicate with colleagues online.



Furthermore, there is massive diversity in the UX/UI job field and often many opportunities for an Industry change and grow professionally.  Having a background in UX/UI design can lead you to a shift in your career.  UX/UI Design and Web Development often go hand in hand providing the opportunity to work hybrid with both fields which can lead to becoming a Web Designer.  It is an industry that promotes versatility and continuous growth. This field allows you to experience several different branches of specialisation.  Now is a great opportunity to begin a career in UX/UI design and be a part of the evolving industry.


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