3 Questions to ask about a career in Automation Testing

Are you considering a career in Automation testing but unsure of the available employment opportunities and skill set?

1. Are Automation Testers in demand?

Automation Testing is gaining vast recognition worldwide. According to reports by GlobalNewsWire the global automation testing market is expected to grow by 19.2% by 2026. With the continuous growth of Companies to exceed customers experience more and more Companies are hiring Automation Testers to do so.

For many people in the Industry it has become a career that is lucrative with plentiful opportunities. In fact, it is estimated that one in every three people in the workforce will be involved in a form of Automation Testing. The Software Industry has been growing massively in the last number of years in which the number of testers grew by 695,000 in 2016 which will only continue to increase.

2.Is there Career Opportunities to grow?

The steady growth also leads to job security for testers who remain current with trends and updates in the Industry. This can be done by attending seminars, reading articles and attending training session. By remaining updated with constant trends ensures you are satisfying customers which is the ultimate goal.

Having a strong work ethic and a genuine interest in Automation Testing can lead to a variety of opportunities for advancements in your career. There are many other career opportunities available such as becoming a senior tester, team leader, QA Manager and QA Director.

3.Do I have the essential soft skills?

Obtaining and being unsure if you have the skillset to carry out the job can often discourage people to become an Automation Tester. Here is a list of a few of the essential skills required.

1.Time Management

Automation testers work in a fast pace environment which requires strong time management skills. This ensures an effective, efficient workflow to meet deadlines consistently.

2.Communication skills

Communication skills are an essential requirement for IT-Professionals. Software testers and required to have effective verbal and written communication skills in order to create reports that are easily read and understandable. Similarly, Automation testers also need to communicate effectively with developers when issues or bugs arise.

 3.Analytical skills

A strong automation tester should also obtain critical analytical skills. These skills are necessary to break down difficult  software data  into understandable segments which in return creating stronger and more accurate test cases.

If you are interested in a rewarding career with increasing opportunities Automation Testing is a field to consider. For more information on Dublin CODING Schools Automation Testing course click HERE