Cyber Security has become a crucial priority for Businesses in Ireland with the majority of Companies utilising the internet to store its data on a daily basis.

According to the recent report advocated by Cyber Ireland, Irelands Cyber Security sector of employment is drastically growing with an increase of 10,000 jobs. The need of a skilled workforce has exceeded Industry demand.  Ireland has the opportunity to expand its Cyber Security employment to 17,000 by 2030.

There have been various opportunities for Cyber Security employment identified in the report highlighting the importance of this sector and the potential Economic growth.

This is a fantastic opportunity to become equipped with the Cyber Security skill set with the increasing job opportunities and the current lack of potential candidates. The report has stated that 83% of Irish Businesses expect their IT Security Team to grow significantly while 61% have noted the lack of potential candidates in the employment market with the inadequate skill set.

According to Eoin Byrne Cluster Manager Cyber Ireland there are just fewer than 500 Companies in the Cyber Security Sector with 7,500 available jobs but the lack of labour.

It is stated in the most recent financial report of 2021 that the Cyber Security Sector retained 2.1 B in revenue approximately. This displays how this sector is thriving and will continue to grow its need for employees.

Foreign Direct Investment plays a crucial role in the expansion of the Cyber Security Sector supporting 71% of all employment in this sector.  FDI is very appealing in Ireland due to its skilled English speaking workforce making it an increasingly popular Country for Investment. Thus, with the expansion of FDI will further expand the job opportunities available.

According to the report, there are a total of 240 headquartered firms in Ireland with 49% engaging in Cyber Security.  While this is expected to grow  by 10% per annum while half of the firms expect to grow by 25% over the next 12 months allowing over 17,000 employees in this sector.

Currently, it is identified that there is a deficiency of 10,000 Cyber Security employees which is likely to increase with the expected growth. In December 2021 it was noted that there were 800 Companies actively seeking employee’s in the Cyber Security Talent pool on LinkedIn alone clearly identifying the demand for staff and scarcity of staff.


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